I am not my Body, I am not my mind. I am something for Greater.


Yoga is most likely one of the most importat journey you take in your life time, take it slowly and take your time!


Yoga is Not a Workout, Yoga is a work -in. With yoga you will reach the higher state of being and wisdom to create the world and reality that you desire the most. 

Yoga effects your whole being; mind, body and soul, connecting you to the pure essence of being with your true authentic self- that is waiting to be released to the World.

The way I teach will be different to my teacher and he way someother teacher will teach will vary to my teachings.

My yoga is not just teaching yoga, it is living yoga, to be 1 with all around you and accept life, people and places like they are with an uneffected pure spirit. Choose from gentle and healing hatha- yoga practise to a detoxing and strenghtening power yoga or vinyasa flow, that all I deliver straight from the heart.

My method;

Zuna Yoga & Pure You 

My first Yoga teacher training in 2013 was with Zuna Yoga in tropical Bali , Indonesia what gave me a 200h Hatha- vinyasa yoga teacher certificate  by Yoga Alliance, international Yoga institute. Zuna Yoga was my teacher who's yoga style is a combination of Pranayama - breathing exercices, asana, mantra, bandha - energy lock's and meditation.

As I understood how big part nutrition plays in our wellbeing by start practising yoga and vegan diet, I got interested in nutrition and took an intensive course to become a raw food chef and Detox - coach 2014.  When 1 is willing to combine all of this knowledge, there will not be any obstacles for the aspirant  to reach the liberating happiness to be alive and healthy. The goal of Maijatime is to find Peace and Joy within, not from external world.

Balanced diet- Balanced mind.

I'v been teaching since 2014 all around the world dealing with different cultures, body types and languages. Today I specialize in private programs and -coaching that leads my students to reach further in thier own lives. Together we will concentrate on  wellbeing and balance in every aspect of your life.

If and when you are ready for a more fullfilling and meaningful life style with a healthy approach to life, I am here to guide you in my best knowledge.

                       Welcome  to the amazing journey deeper into self realization and the magical world of Yoga.                                                                           NAMASTE                                                                                                            


As strong as a warrior and as humble as a servant, you will stand bolder than rest of the humanity.




 Big part of Hatha Yoga is the Breath. Your way of thinking and acting in this world is directly linked to, how you breathe.  

Hatha Yoga uses pranayama - Breathing exercises, to energise, calm and clean our Body and mind. Anyone is able to learn and practise them, as long as you take them in to your daily routine with patience and open mind.

If you never have heard from Pranayama, I would ask You to please do something for me right now and here;

Close your eyes and sit up straight(on your chair or floor legs crossed). Take few deep breaths trough your both nostrils and close your eyes. Feel your lungs filling up with air, chest expanding as far as it reaches while you inhale all the way up to your clavicles and hold your breath for few seconds. Then Slowly exhale trough your nose, letting the the air flow slowly out from your lungs,  emptying all air out using the lower abdominal muscles followed by the upper abdominals.

Repeat this few times and work with that breath. Keep your eyes closed, shoulders relaxed and face soft. Feel how every exhale will push out old energy and clutter as every inhale will fill you up with energizing pure air stimulating all your organs as well as the brain, tissues and mind.

Now open your eyes and feel what is different? I am sure you feel more relaxed and your body feels less tense. This was just few breaths that you did. Imagine if we work together for an hour? AN hour every week? For few months?

How would you feel then?

 Pranayama takes time to learn and is suggested to start with a qualified teacher. If you choose to have me to guide you trough this path, I promise your life will all the sudden become lighter and brighter bringing new possibilities and and amazing people in to your way!

The way you breathe is the way you Live.  


When You are ready to let go and tune in with the Spirit.

The best results in life comes when we allow the mind to relax and wonder away, leaving our body and soul free to experience the world with out limitations and programming.

Trough our lives we are told to do and be something. The mind will make judgements and focus on our surrounding reality making us feel often exhausted and tired trying to achieve all these goas. 

Simple, relaxing and highly restoring meditation practise is available to everyone from school children to grand parents. There is no better way to let the mind rest than a quided meditation with a skilled teacher. Meditation is easy when I show You how!

Yoga services 

All classes are as well to beginners as to advanced Yogis.

                                                                Payments only via Paypal, Bank transfer or Cash

Yksityis -tunti/Private Yoga& meditation Lesson 75min

Tahtoisitko ajan kanssa käydä läpi joogan harjoituksia ja kysellä kysymyksiä miksi ja miten läpi harjoituksen? Yksityis- tunti antaa sinulle ohjat käsiin ja opit paljon enemmän joogasta kuin monen ryhmätunnin aikana!

Sopii kaiken tasoisille joogeille  kuin myös ihan aloittelijoille!

Private yoga lesson gives you time to learn and proceed in your own paste. Yoga is fine art of asana and breath methods that should not be rushed trough but learnt properly. This option suits anyone who wishes to get deeper in their practise or start in a safe way from the very beginning. Also beneficial for people with any kind of limitations in their movement or breath,

From beginners to advanced yogis

Options;Traditional hatha yoga, Hatha- vinyasa, Pranayama, Power yoga & Meditation 


Ryhmätunti/ Group lesson 75min

1- 5 henkeä/ Good for up to 5people

Valitse perinteinen Hatha- jooga, hatha- vinyasa. pranyama tai meditaatio tunti! Olisi hyvä että oppilaat ovat suht saman tasoisia jooga harjoituksessaan!

Choose from Hatha- vinyasa, traditional hatha, pranayama or meditation, great way to get together with friends, family or treat your workers! Fine from total beginners to advanced yogis!


Pranayama Workshop

2.5 tunnin aika opimme yhdessä avaavia, energisoivia sekä rauhoittavia pranayama tekniikoita ja kerron teoria tasolla kuinka harjoitukset laajentavat tajuntaamme sekä vaikuttavat elimistöömme. Paketti sisältää pranayama kirjasen kaikille osallistujille! 1- 10 hlö

Prnayama is a piece of art to regulate your inner wellbeing- nervous system, muscles and the whole body/mind connection. In 2.5 hours I will give you the basic knowledge how to start safely practising energizing and transforming Pranayama at home or with friends. Good for up to 10 people.



Tahtoisitko opetella juuri sinun kehollesi sopivan ohjelman, jossa otamme huomioon tavoitteesi, rajoitteesi ja muut harjoitustasi edistävät asiat ( oikeat linjaukset, ruokavalio sekä milloin ja kuinka paljon harjoittaa).

Paketti sisältää 5 Tapaamista 90 min, online apua sekä laaditun suunnitelman harjoitukseesi. 

Would you like to learn a practise that is tailor made to reach your goals while supporting your limitations and body type to get the most out of your practise! Learn right alignments, supporting diet and right amount to practise.

Package includes 5 meetings each 90min, online support and a tailormade yoga program to achieve your goals in life & health.