e9 Energy drink

A great compact energy drink to recover your vitamin and antioxidant levels. Made with extracted natues superfoods, this small energy pack gives you a big boost to keep you going trough buzzy life!

 C -vitamin, B6 and B12 ( more than your daily needs!), maca root, acai berry, ginseng, aloevera and green tea leaf extract mixed with HIGH grade L- arginine, that is an important amino acid to support healthy cardiovascular health, that our bodies produce less and less as we get old! 

1 drink holds only 20 kcal and gives you more than enough vitamins to go all trough your day without worrying!

Great drink for all of you who might take a red bull, mother, cup of coffee or another sugary unnatural boost to keep you going! 

Flavour is like pinacolada and a bit of stevia has been added to please the sweet lips:) Mix with lemon if you wish a bit more bitter taste and enjoy your drink after exercise, or during the day when you feel that your energy levels are dropping down! 

A box holds 30 sashes.

1 drink is enough to keep you uplifted for 2 days!

72.00 €