You are What You Eat

Let me guide you to a different way of being and feeling by guiding your dietary habits to a balanced and healing combination of fresh food and fun in the kitchen!

Naturally high with nutrient rich food and light diet!

Detox programs 

Our bodies accumulate toxins, unwanted energies, waste matter as well as food additives all trough our lives.

Without  a regular detox ( internal &mental cleanse) your system will slow down way too early, making you tired, unfocused, stressed and even sick. 

Pure You Detox is a gentle clean up for your digestive track as well as for your mind. 

Cleansing the internal system, will effect the external body as well brightening up your skin, eyes and smile!
 We are all different, with different eating habits and past life. That's why I took as my job to take time to tailor make you a perfect diet according to your needs and goals! 

A 3 day juice fast is an easy way to start and it will give your body enough time to start the healing and cleansing it self from accumulated waste.  We will combine that with an energizing practise and a great diet and in no time you will feel like a different person!

1 one 1 coaching/ 68.00$, 1hour

Are you ready to take the first step towards healthier and better tomorrow and start a new diet and life style? Book a private session to talk trough your goals and we will tailor make a perfect diet/ detox plan to meet your needs and goals.

3 day Detox/ 189.00$

Tailor made detox program.

This detox will make you feel like a totally new person by teaching you, how to tune within to only feed the body what it needs, not what the mind wants.

We will evaluate your desires and goals for this detox with a meeting or skype/ zoom call.

From there you will receive a tailor made detox -program with simple, tasty recipes, detox booklet ( why, how and how to succeed) and a shopping list.

You will have daily, online support trough your program. To share concerns, toughs and happy feelings.!

Go Green - program/279,00$

 This alkaline plant based diet program, will get you started on your new lighter and brighter lifestyle just in 2 weeks together. Including a personalized diet plan, tasty vegan recipe book, 3- day juice detox and 2 coaching sessions ( each 45min).

I will be available for online support for our time together.

Great for diabetics, people suffering from depression, tiredness as well as cancer patients.

Maijatime cooking classes

I love to Educate and as we cook together, I'll be talking and demonstrating, while answering any questions related to nutrition, detoxing, fasting and weightloss. .

All my our recipes will be tailor made for our needs and food prefernces. All my recipes are great also for the Children and pets. You get a copy of the recipes we make!


Choosing from your favourite vegetarian ingredients I will teach you 2- 3 simple recipes to replace your met dishes using tasty vegan options.

Give your self or your cook an update/ Upgrade!

120$/ 2h


How to get the most out of your blender/ juicer! Fun and educational session that will give you the right tools to fuel up your body with great nutrition and keep your blender active.  


RAW FOOD 1;  Salads, dips and cold soups 


Raw foods gives you the best nutrition available and not are they colourful and tasty but also amazingly healthy. Together we learn while I share my latest knowledge and do together!


RAW FOOD 2; Energybars, flatbread and nut milk.

Fast, healthy and nutrition packed tasty and nourishing foods to learn for your and your families everyday life.

Easy and fun to do recipes for anyone to make and learn, Yes also and especially the kids!


All cooking classes are good for up to 10 people. I will add the cost of ingredients to the price 50-100$depending on the size of the  class.


If you have been thinking about loosing weight or considering to  find a better and a healthier way to eat and live, It is a good idea to do that change with a professional help providing quidance and support.

 I offer my personal knowledge combined to international teachers (Amy Rachelle and Health academy Australia) to find the best and most benficial diet option to suit your life style, goals and body type.

PURE YOU- LIFESTYLE change with a diet plan

If you wish to choose a totally new path and loose weight, gain energy, and clarity, let go of head aches, pain and cramps in the body, I recommend this for You.

Combination of healthy, organic ingredients, tasty recipes, breathing exercises, gentle yoga and a light juice detox we will get you strated on your new Diet and Life style.

We will be working together and I will be there for you trough the times of change for support and provide alternative options and support if something does not feel right/ too challenging for you.

 1 Month transformation program with 4 coaching sessions, personal yoga program, personal diet program, Pure You - recipe book, 3 day detox and detox booklet with internet support for whole month.                                            356.00$


If you have been thinking about leaving meat and other animal products, but have not done it because you feel that you would not know how to do it, This is where to start.

I will teach you how to replace old unhealthy ingredients to more healthier choices and explain how, how much& how often to use them. 

WHATS INCLUDED; Easy and tasty vegan recipes, juice and smoothie guide , Vegan info booklet and a 1 hour coaching session.

60,00$/ whole program

 additional online coaching 38$/ 45min



Great way to learn a new skills and change your old eating habits is a pure You retreat! Here we are working as a team, supporting one and othe rtrough trasformational perioid. Tropical stress free environment will quarantee a cloeanse for the body and mind! 

All my retreats are served with a vegetarian/ vegan diet that is 80 to 100% raw. You can add a detox ( 3 to 5 days) to your package if you wish while we are together.