Synergy drink e9; Vitality & Natural Energy!


Active life in family, business, education and hobbies takes it toll eventually from all of us, This is when a quick and clean fix will be the best thing to keep you going! Synergys energy drink e9 is made with Guarana and ginseng to boost up your energy, addded some acai berry, green tea leaf and maca powder for atioxidants as well as topped up with L- arginine and vitamin C to full fill your daily vitamin needs! Works like red bull but with natural ingredients and easy to carry solution as a light 30g single serve package! Sweetned comes from stevia and product has only 13 calories and tastes like a pina colada!

I do not know why you would not drink it?! I do when I know I need energy and wont have time to go shopping, chopping and mixing ( making a mess) during the day!