Sunsalutation From Bali!


3 Weeks Daily Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama, with lectures and workshops shared with 28 likeminded people around the world have made me understand again how BIG the Word/ knowledge of Yoga actually is! This October I am completing my 300hour Zuna- Yoga training in Indonesia at a beautiful Retreat centre called Azadi.

Just 10 minutes away from buzzy Ubud, we are surrounded by coconut palms and Rice fields, Enjoying our daily yoga classes in the open air next to a flowing river and surrounded my colourful butterflies and birds. Perfect. Just the way I like my life!

I have to say that this experience have made me feel more complete as a teacher and a preacher and led me to a place where I will be offering Self empowerment retreats next year here in Bali.

(More information and dates in me next post)

As you most likely Know? Yoga is not just about few sunsalutation's and a calming meditation.

Yoga is the way to find Balance, Peace and your place in this big beautiful world that is so full of beauty and challenges that if might feel a bit over whelming from time to time. Yoga and the knowledge that it brings with it will lead you for a self mastery of your own wellbeing as well as people around you.

 I am not talking now only about Your physical health but even more the Mental health and how you see your self in this life/ world.

Another thing that I will point out here is that as much as it is nice to meet friends and Yoga together, yoga is actually very personal, and can change you for worse if you are doing wrong poses and breathing exercises, so be ALLWAYS sure to consult your teacher before starting your practise about any physical or mental disorders you may have, as You do not want to get put off from Yoga by entering totally wrong type of poses and practises in your first classes. It all has to do a lot with  your body type and mental state what type of yoga will be most beneficial for you.

I recommend to start with some private lessons and then find your way to the public classes so You can adjust your own practise to serve you the most. 

If you already have your favourite classes and teachers what makes you feel good, please keep going to those. Just remember that there is always space to go a bit further in your yoga and finding new challenges the body and mind will lead your further in your self knowledge. 

If you are one of the Yogis who is mostly in to asana practise, I recommend you to take time and start on Pranayama. That's when the Real transformation starts!

I have some videos on YOUTUBE under maijatime so if you would like to learn pranayama there is a place where to start!

BREATH! And let the transformation begin!


                   Agni Raj

The Full Yogic breath

Agni Raj- Is the most beneficial breath to energize the whole body. It will activate all your 5 pranic currents to get your body work in it's most effective way serving your yoga practise and any other activities that you want to include it in.

This breath is a Full yogic breath meaning that it begins from the pelvic floor. As you inhale you will draw your breath down and then lift it up along the spine trough the belly and chest all the way up to your clavicles where you will pause briefly. Exhalation starts from the bottom again as you contract your lover abdominal muscles followed by abdominal contraction. Keep your eyes closed and arms relaxing on your crossed legs. Using chin mudra( connecting the index finger and thumb) will keep you more aveare of the self. Sit legs crossed in an easy pose or use a bolster to sit on top of that knees bend underneath You.

Take time and don't rush. When you find the right ratio for your breath while sitting ( it is possible to practise while laying down as well) then you can take the breath to your practise and use it trough your daily yoga.

Just 5 minute's of Agni Raj will clear up your vision and calm the nervous system.

I wish you a Wonderful day,