Synergy world wide, an American food suppliment company won a nobel price with thier Product called Pro argi 9+ in 2008 for its ability to un glog our cardiovascular sytem and in this way relief heart peoblems, muscle cramps, head aches and pains in the body.

Not just that amazing benefit Proagri also contains high levels of Vitamin B12 - for your memory, focus and concentration and B6 that controls hormpnes and balances the nervous system. If you dont always get all your fruit and vegetabels eating there is also added 67% of your daily need of vitamin C making it a great add to any buzzy life style!

This product is sweetened with stevia and comes in 2 tastes;  Sitrus berry and cherry.

Only 15 cal per portin and they ar emade single serve packages making it an easy to use product.