We all have days when it feels like we could do a lot and we commit to projects and goals and then in sometime you find your self that Actually You dont really have the energy to do all that You tough You will. Our energy levels are linked straight to our dietary habits, people we assosiate with, activities we take on as well as the ammount of exercise we do.

I will start Monday 11th September 5pm Helsinki time(+3UTC/GMT), a 3 time workshop online, where you learn how to regulate your energylevels (blood sugars), what foods to use for optimal and pure, long lasting energy, simple asanas to release blockages and focus the mind. Easy pranayama practise to enrgize Your inner fire -prana that will make you feel like anything is possible in this life. Like it is as long as we have the right tools to make it happen!

Every session is for 45 mins including a short 15 minute Yoga and pranayama practise.

All you need is to take the time, pen and paper( or a note book) and a quiet place where you can relax and consentrate.

I hope to get together a good group of motivated and positive people who are willing to try something new without resistance. As soon as your mind puts a negative stamp on a new thing it will never work for you. Open mind and positive approach gets you almost half the way to where I will get you in next few week!

This package includes 3 online webinars with me and group chats on Face book under my boost me up- page. ( You can also book a private chat to have there if you wish) only for 20 €.

To sign up, Please sent me a personal e-mail with a subject; joining Energy workshop to

Payments via paypal or a bank transfer to ANZ- Australia.

I wish to see you on my new facebook page -ENERGY- for all even if you dont want to join the webinars and be apart of motivated and happy people who are willing to stay in good health trough this life. Feel free to ask Questions, suggestions or just share the knowledge you allready have!

Have an amazing day and Keep on smiling!