Great way to  learn;                       Workshop


Instead of taking a long course online or reading a book, a live workshop gives you a chanse to learn in an energetic team, a new usefull skill what will empower your wellbeing immediatly!

While you have a human touch added to your learning progress, in a workshop You will also have all your questions answered in real time, giving your more knowledge in short perioid of time rather that getting stuck waiting answers for your conserns and questions.

All my work shops are 2 to 3 hours long and will be in Bali this month.

Places where I teach I will publish on this site at least a week before the actual workshop. I dont want to have too many people so book your spot soon to be sure to reserve your spot! Just e-mail me when You know what workshop You want to attend.

 Come and find a new way to learn and socialise, while making new, healthy friends!

Namaste; May the light within me, shine with the light within You. :)