Time to nourish the body and soul!

Serve the best for you & your family!

Healthy food and right nutrition has been my passion all trough my life! As we understand that what we nourish our body with is what we become we will start looking deeper into those packets of food that we buy from the shops and hopefully learn to cook most of our food from Organic pure vegetables and grains that will nourish the body and soul in a gentle and no harmful way.
 One of the most leading cancer causing ingredients is white sugar. Sugar is found in so many basic products that a common worker eats all trough her& his life without understanding that we are actually accumulation toxins to our system!
take a look a bit deeper next time you get a sauce, curry paste, mustard, mysli, bread, juice or even just a coffee. There will most likely be sugar! Not will it just accumulate fat tissue and cause cancer it will also ruin your teeth. The acid in it will rotten teeth bit at every bite you enjoy sugary foods.
This is just 1 simple example, there is so much to know when we wish to start building up a healthy diet that I now choose to offer you private coaching to get your dietary needs in place!

I offer single sessions if you wish to get a bit of an ower view of how to start a diet change or You May choose a whole program that includes online coaching, cooking class ( extra cooking classes available!) and support trough your transformation time. 



How to adjust to a vegetarian diet after a life long mixed diet-  Learn the basics of vegetarian diet, what it does to your body and mind, how it will make you feel better and more grounded as well improve your life and well as the impact to our planet. 

1 personal meeting and 3 online sessions. 1 vegetarian cooking class and nutrition coaching/ 3h 


                                             VEGAN DIET:

 Let go of all animal products to gain energy and clarity, loose rid off addictions in the mind  and fat in the body. You will learn how to manage a healthy diet with all essential nutrients on a Pure vegan diet with healthy recipes and online support! 

1 personal meeting, 3 online sessions (45min) and a cooking class.


                                              RAW FOODS:

Would you like to try a whole new way of living and eating. All raw foods are high in Bio electrical current that is a measure of life energy in any living food. As soon as a vegetable, fruit or a herb is picked up from the ground they will start loosing this value. By eating only raw food you will charge your body with this life energy that will in change brighten up your spirits, clear the skin and leave you feeling more radiant and alive than ever before!

1 personal meeting, 3 online coaching calls( 30min), a cooking class and recipe book



                                         ALCALINE DIET:

When the body comes to a stop and creates cancer, diabetes, tummy ache, pain and cramps it is time to check on the alkaline&acid balance and tune in to a high alkaline diet for at least a month! Lets make you a tasty and healthy diet with my easy recipes and friendly and supportive approach to a life style and diet change!

Personal meeting& evaluation,3  online sessions, alkaline diet e - book and a cooking class                                                                     240$

                                            DETOX COACHING

Is it time to allow the body to recover and take a break from daily toxic food intake? When you feel your bady telling you that it is time to slow down and look in to your nutrition, it is also a good time to get involved with me!
Together we will go trough how you can get your diet in to balance to serve in your lifes ups and downs in the most valuable way!
 Personal meeting 60 min                                                                                                                                    90$

3 Personal meetings, detox-e- book and a body reading   ( over 6 months time)                                          300$
Tailor made 3 Day detox with ready made drinks, ebook and online support                                              260$


Maijatime& Pure You  diet programs are professionally made, and have changed many lives in last years! I definitely encourage you to take a step towards Pure You / living!   -  Johan Korsted/ Fi

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