Let the food be your medicine..

 Learn and Heal

                                               EASY CHANGE- PURE YOU DIET PLANS    


Have you heard al ready how much better for the body and mind is a vegetarian diet where your body gets more pure natural energy from plants and plant products. All our basic elements can be found in plants protein, nutrients, fibre, sugars, fats and minerals and there wont be any need for animal products that actually are much harder for our bodies to digest and gain good building blocks for the body. 

DIET PROGRAM INCLUDES:  an easy to follow personally made transformational diet program with healthy recipes and Pure You vegetarian cook book.

+ 2 online meetings to ask any questions, adjust your diet and get support to your new lifestyle change. 
-My goal is to make this as easy and tasty to you as possible!

"Vegetarian diet have made my whole approach to food totally different and my taste buds can finally taste great flavours again! a great way to find harmony in this life again".

                                         2.    VEGAN DIET                               89.00

 Let go of all animal products to gain energy and Vitality. I will show you step by step how to manage a healthy diet with all essential nutrients on a Pure vegan diet with healthy recipes and online support! Eating vegan don't have to be hard or unpleasant. It is all about learning how and with what ingredients to work with! This can be the best way to treat your mind and body!



                                           WEIGHTLOSS:                                149.00

Do you feel like it might be time now to loose up some weight from your body? It is often challenging alone and especially with no up to date knowledge how to manage your food intake and what foods to include to a daily diet and what to avoid. 
Pure You offers you a clear and simple tailor made program to follow, to full fill your goals in this life.
Program will include exercise program with your favourite sports, movement practises,  daily, weekly changing diet  program and positive encouraging affirmations and meditations to rid of old disturbing habits!
Online support will be available trough your program!


                                              RAW FOODS:                               89.00

Would you like to try a whole new way of living and eating. All raw foods are high in Bio electrical current that is a measure of life energy in any living food. As soon as a vegetable, fruit or a herb is picked up from the ground they will start loosing this value. By eating only raw food you will charge your body with this life energy that will in change brighten up your spirits, clear the skin and leave you feeling more radiant and alive than ever before!

1 personal meeting, 2 online coaching calls (30min), a cooking class and a recipe book



                                         ALKALINE DIET:                              89.00

When the body comes to a stop and creates limiting conditions like cancer, diabetes, tummy ache, pain and cramps, it is time to check on the alkaline &acid balance and tune in to a high alkaline diet for at least a month! Lets make you a tasty and healthy diet with a daily diet plan that changes on weekly basis. 
With easy and tasty recipes and friendly and supportive approach this is a life style and diet change!

Personal meeting& evaluation, 2 online coaching calls, alkaline diet e - book with recipes & helpful tips                                                                                   

                  ALL PROGRAMS ARE  -10$  FOR THIS MONTH!

                                      GET STARTED NOW AND ENJOY BETTER LIFE QUALITY TROUGH YOUR 2020!


                                      DETOX COACHING

Do you feel often tired? Uninspired? May be a bit depressed and even experiencing body pain, aches and cramps in your body? Most likely this means that YOU are carrying toxins in your system. The body accumulates on waste matter trough our lives creating impact on our internal organs, tissue and damaging us in a cell level.
If we never take time to do a proper cleanse- just like you cleanse your house we also need to clean the body you will feel this over load over the years in your energy levels and body flexibility/ tone up!

This all can be fixed with a simple Detox where we give a rest for the internal organs and flush the body with natural and energizing food and drinks. Nothing to stress about and nothing to loose! Easy simple and very energizing when it is all done! Allow your self a transformation for a lighter, brighter and more productive future! 

Personal meeting 60 min, pH test& starter alkaline diet plan& e-book                                           70.00$

Personal meeting, pH test, starter alkaline diet-program, exercise routine & e-book                   99.00$

Tailor made alkaline detox PROGRAM with exercise routine, e-book & healing massage           159.00$

                                                    ALL PROGRAMS INCLUDE ONLINE SUPPORT *
                          * For any concerns and questions feel free to email me and I will get back to you ASP:)

Maijatime& Pure You  diet programs are professionally made, and have changed many lives in last years! I encourage all of you who wish to gain better health to take a part of Pure You programs
   -  Johan Korsted/ Fi
contact me online if you wish to Order ready made raw food cookies, raw chocolate, energy bars, fresh juices, superfood blends and herbal teas for your new program!