Let's Yoga!



 I wonder where would I be without a practise that centers my mind body and soul? Is there any other more powerful tool in this world than yoga what will move your body, heal your energy body and calm, focus or/and detox your mind!

It is time.

Yoga time, all the time when you know how, you can at any time! Learn with me a personal made, safe and supportive practise for your needs- private coaching or join me for a group lesson or retreat when I am at your neighbourhood.


Hatha yoga uses breathing exercises to energize, detox, unwind, stimulate and rejunevate our nervous system. 

In sanskrit prana means life energy, making pranayama the practise of our life energy. Breathing life and energy into our system creates healthy beings! Learn with me in one of my workshops or book a private or small group lesson to get the most out of our time! 


Let meditation be humankinds medication....

Life is so easy when we can let go of the thinking mind and surrender for beauty and bliss...allow life to be and evolve in it's own natural way...To achieve the state of bliss and peace most of us needs to quiet the mind and that is easy to do with a Pure You meditation practise!

Join me to one of my workshops or mediattion classes and let the beauty of life take over!

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