You are what you eat~

Clean body-Clear mind

Just like we do house keeping to the house we live, we are meant to do house keeping to the body we live as well. 

In life we feed our car the best fuel, boost our boats with the best paints, give our pets great care, but do we treat our selves to the best as well? 

We are what we eat. Literally. If your diet is unbalanced and acid, so will your life be. Acidic environment is a breeding ground for disease and eats up your bones& teeth, damages our internal organs and dry up the blood vessels causing life threathening illness if not taken care.

A normal western diet leads us more towards acidic lifestyle, with coffee, alcohol, soda drinks, dairy products, meat, white sugar and -flour, saturated fats, as well as added sugars and salt in most ready made foods.

Right nutrition and clean alkaline diet is your first step to a balanced and stress free life! 

                            Easy Detox Programs for all!

1. Pure You - life style is where I combine yoga, meditation, healthy diet and an easy detox to get you on a balanced life style, steady mind and healthy body.

2. All of my programs will be tailor made to my clients needs and this is not me telling you what to do, but us together searching the best and most satisfying ways to get your body and mind happy and healthy!

3. Long lasting results. We will start this together, and we shall work on it together. We aim for lasting changes that you will adopt slowly and gradually to your daily routine.

 I am here to help and support you an times of transformation. Feel free to ask questions and communicate freely with me trough out our time together!

Honesty and loyalty

1. Making changes in life style and diet takes will power and strength and it is totally ok to feel weak or tired from time to time. Meditation, yoga and massages are great tools to over come difficult time. Be gentle to your self and take time to just be and allow the change to take place.

2. ROUTINE- Best way to start something new is to get it in your daily routine. Pranayama, meditation, morning yoga...Detox drink, vegetarian dish and green juice. What more your body gets used to it and your taste buds and body starts to rid of toxins, then more your body will surrender to relax and let go of resistance, stress and anxiety.

3. HONESTY- Be honest to your self/ what do you need/ how do you feel and allow time for new ways to set in.

 If I ask you to eat/ drink something and you just can not, tell me. Rather than just say yes to get away from the situation than just say you do not want to take it. Only way to get your desired results is to work on this together/ towards your goals!

YES - For Everyone! 

Detox is not only for those who are sick and tired but for everyone who wish to maintain good health and vitality throughout life!

1. If you have medical conditions let me know before we start so we can together with your doctor see what kind of detox will serve you best.

2. If you are pregnant on last months you can still do a light detox just let me know before hand. Actually better for baby to be developed in a healthy and clean environment than toxic and stuffed up!

3. Old age is not a problem. The body don't mind cleansing so any age from 15 upwards is totally fine to enjoy a detox!

4. It does not make a difference if you are a business man or woman, a house wife or dad, as in the end every body deserves to have a break from continuous processing of foods in to nutrition and fuel. Give your gut a break and free your spirit to rise above the mind! 

Duration of your detox

1. An easy detox can be just for 1 day.

 It don't have to be refusing from all food but from acid forming foods: sugars, carbs, meat, dairy, alcohol, coffee etec..

2. More complete detox is for 3- 7 days. In this time your body starts really cleansing it self and generating healthier cells to work with. You will be taking mostly juices, tea and blends ( cold and warm).

3. Advanced detox goes on for 7-14 days and allows your body 3 full days with only light liquids( water, tea, juice, coconuts). and 4 days with blends, juices, smoothies, soup, mylks and broths. 

This option is for those who come to a retreat to do it in a safe environment with assistance and support.

When is the right time?

Spring and fall are good times to rid the body from old accumulated waste and start something new. 

DO not do a detox when you are under a lot of stress or traveling, but when your mind is steady and you are in a supportive environment with necessary ingredients around you

 - My next detox Workshop will be April 18th on Zoom and

  5/ day Detox long  weekend retreat at KereKere ( If we can from lock down) from 30th April to 4th May in sacred Earth retreat centre on the West coast. Immerse your self in pure natural environment while detoxing the body back to a natural state of being.

Get grounded with light detox , while enjoying local organic vegan diet, fresh juices, daily yoga and mediation, walks in the nature and connecting to like minded people! A once in a lifetime offer to be a part of a growing Pure You community on this amazing and rejuvenating journey back to the naturally radiating, balanced You!

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