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YOGA- to become one!

Yoga is a life style, creation of conscious movement, breath and connection to the self. A great pathway to find peace and become the best of you in every way. Yoga gives us tools to shape and tone the body, calm and nourish the mind as well as activate the digestive system, mental capacity as well as find a deeper connection to who we are and what we can in this ever changing world. 

 To start is the most biggest effort you need to do, when you get in, you will wantto keep yoga in your routine - it might take few different teachers and yoga styles to find the one that pleases you, but it is well worth of search as when you find your yoga you have found ease and peace in your life!

Pure you - yoga is a combination of traditional hatha yoga where mediation, breathwork and asana is combined to a vinyasa flow and some restorative poses. 

I have completed Yoga alliance certified hatha- vinyasa teacher trainings with Zuna yoga 200h (2013) and 300h (2017).

I teach also yoga nidra, restorative yoga, power yoga ( more muscle toning) and meditation classes.




We are all individuals and if you are new to yoga, most likely it will take sometime to understand how your body aligns to your asanas and what benefits you are getting form your Yoga practise.

As we work together we will create your own yoga blueprint that will give you the best benefits as well as heal injured body parts as well as give you the chance to ask questions, feel supported and take your time to find your practise.

My privates are 75min long and we add an extra 15min to have a chat and overview of our practise. One lesson gets you started and we can work on certain issues that you might face in your practise. It also allows time for a learning curve to a new therapeutical breathing exercise or a healing meditation.

If you rather work on a regular basis I'd recommend you to book My Yoga program that is an ongoing progress over 3-5 meetings in 1- 2 months.

When you are on your own program I support your yogic path  with online support and extra meetings if you wish.

A solid practice will empower, strengthen and un stress you  creating amazing result in short time!

Our meeting times can be adjusted to suit your life style, but I do recommend weekly meetings in the beginning even twice a week.

If you wish to build a supporting diet plan to match your new yoga routine I give it now for a special started price 99 $! 


Would you like to dig deeper in your practise in a fun and insirational workshop? When we take time to learn in a more intense environment and immerse our self in a new subject for a whole day the practise will reach deeper to our system and remain in the mind better! 

All my trainings will be posted also on my Pure You Face book page as I have not yet set up dates

My workshops are this year:

PRANAYAMA - How to practise energizing, unwinding and rejuvenating breathing exercises with long lasting results, 

ENERGY LIFTING: Body conditioning and mind programming with self healing methods and easy asana practise! New and exiting program out this year!

SHATKARMA YOGA: Learn how to clean the body and mind from stress, pain and over weight with simple yoga practise, cleansing breathwork, internal cleansing and easy mindfullness exercises. 

Join in for a 1 or 2 day workshop and learn in a serene environment while getting to know great people and creating a better life to your self and people around you!

When you are happy, people around you are happy!

Bring a friend or a family member along and enjoy a 10% discount on your workshop! 

more about upcomming workshops you find on my facebook

Yoga services& programs

Be the Guru

Private class+ health check/ 90min

Working towards your goals with one on one coaching


Your yoga program 3x 75min

In 3 meetings we will create a tailor made Yoga program to support your wellness goals and relieve any pain/stress from the body/mind


Your yoga program 5x 75min

With 5 meetings we will get you on a tailor made program to meet your wellness goals, rid of pain and un stress your mind! 


Online reservation

Book your session in time. We will confirm your reservation via email.