This is where our Journey Begins

Maijatime is a creation consisting of natural wellbeing, yoga, mindfulness, healing, high quality nutrition, self discipline and Love. Take a step towards Your pure self and join me for a yoga lesson, detox- or diet coaching, healing massage or a Reiki- treatment and feel the Power of transformation and stillness within as the body relaxes and mind lets go.

When you feel it's time to make a change, I will be here for you. 

Private yoga lessons

The best way to get your yoga practise right from the beginning is to take few private lessons, where we have time to work together with alignments and safety as well as understand how your body will benefit most from your practise.

From fist timers to advanced yogis.

It's all about You!

Healing Massages

When it feels like the body is glogging up and mind is over heated it is time to slow down and leat myhealing touch clear away axiety, stress or fear from your body and allow the peace and neauty to enter You.

Using unique techniques I quarantee you an experince what will make you feel like New Born,

Reiki- treatments

Hundrets of years have the Japanese people used this gentle method to balance one's energy body and clear up accumulated waste matter from the energy body.

This reatment is painless and Extremely healing for those in need for inner strenght and peace within.

Detox- programs

When it feels like yuor body is stating to feel tired and getting over weight it is time to do some Cleaning.

My easy and very effective detox- programs are available all year round and can be done at home with my quidance or at my retreats.

Gain enrgy, clarity and guaranteed good feeling with Pure You- Detox.

Why to choose me for your coach?

International, happy, healthy, energetic and always there for You!

Working with individuals

From the beginning of my working life My main focus has been to work with people as individuals. Every body is different, every brain adopts knowledge in different ways and depending on your physical history and up bringing, education level and traumas that have affected you, there is a lot to consider before taking you deep in to yoga and optimal healing progress to your body, mind and soul. 

Nutrition has been my passion since a teenager and all of my clients will get self tested, professionally educated and highly researched knowledge as well as My calm and professional approach to life to quide you trough the challenges that a new Lifestyle and Diet change might bring to You.

All this is done by combining a tailormade Hatha- vinyasa Yoga practise, Breathing exerices, soothing meditations as well as healing massages and reiki- treatments.

My working back ground has been customer service and hospitality since I was 15 years old and with the experience that I gain during 13 years of travelling around the World learning from the local people, well educated teachers as well as from the nature it self.  

When you feel like it is time to change the course of life, may it be just a little adjustment or a total new You, that's when I will lead You to a balanced Body- mind practise or/and success in your new diet with in weeks.

Together we will work towards Your goals and I wish to deal with truly commited clients.

If you do what I tell you to do, even if You question me from time to time, I PROMISE You that Your life will change to much lighter, brighter and stressless  that You do not want to go back to the old anymore.

Just Reach out and I am here to Lead.


Natural Touch.

I lived most of my adult hood life in the jungle, surrounded by tropical nature, village people living out of land and wild animals accomondating my surroundings.

Ocean and sailing has made me a liquid peace loving person who enjoys the fresh sea air more than anything in my life. I grew up in a small town in Finland  and I have allways felt very connected to the Earth and it's changes.

It is time to start connecting back to the nature and listen to that little voice inside of your mind that from time to time questions this reality that we are living and how to change it for a more balanced and peaceful place where we feel happy to wake up every morning.

In my teachings we listen to our natural cycles and will take your practise in to a level where we ground Your self back to that Pure Beautiful, Real You what You vere when you were born on this planet. Powerful and Happy.

The feeling when you are clean from all what has accumulated to that beautiful soul along your human life is so beautiful, that it will make you cry. I still cry often as I see how beautiful this creation of life is and people just rush trough it thinking they need all the money and fancy things to be happy while the most thing we need is Love, balanced Natural diet and environment where to be who we are without trying to be something someone told we should be.

When you are ready to step down and learn from Your own self, from the Wisdom of Yogis, from several nutrition coache's and me, let me know and I will be happy to be there for you.